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Commercial & Industrial Painting

What we’re known for! Do you have a big project that requires a big surface treatment solution? Give us a call today.

Our commercial and industrial clients include:

Shopping Centers, Strip Malls, Schools, Churches, Amusement Parks, Water Parks, Aerospace, Manufacturing Plants, Military Installations, Universities / Schools, Municipalities

Industrial Painting in San Diego

We bring industrial level technology and technique to your door. When you need it done right the first time, we’re there.

San Diego Commerical Painting

“Our work just lasts longer!”

With our specialized application process, the paint doesn’t just temporarily cover over cracks and blemishes for a few months, but the materials create a chemical and mechanical bond to marry together and becomes a part of the substrate.

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Industrial Painting

Our industrial clients include: Aerospace, Manufacturing Plants, Military Installations, Universities, Schools and School Districts, Municipalities.

Commercial Painting

We’ll plan our work around your business walkways and thoroughfares to make sure your business is affected as little as possible! We’ll start extra early and then redirect traffic appropriately to keep you open and in business!

Residential Painting

With our specialized application process, the paint doesn’t just temporarily cover over cracks and blemishes for a few months, but the materials create a chemical and mechanical bond to marry together and becomes a part of the substrate.

Certified Applicator

Our mission at HiTech Painting Inc. is to use leading environmental technologies for painting and preservation projects. What’s safe for the environment is safe for the family and our employees.

Residential, Commercial, or Industrial applications we’ve got you covered. Our Vision is to bring these new innovative High Tech resources to our customers with a variety of products that are Eco Friendly and protective. The company strives to help build America the way our parents did – with hard work, integrity, craftsmanship and customer satisfaction.

We’ve Been Painting For Over 35 Years

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Featured Partners

Hubbs-SeaWorld Research Institute

We are proud to partner with Hubbs-SeaWorld Research Institute.

Learn more about their Volunteer opportunities and general support here…

Sometimes, your project involves challenging or less-than-ideal surface conditions. That’s why we’ve developed quality paint prep and masking products to help make sure you’ve got the best tape for the job. Make sure your prep work keeps up with you. No matter the surface, Scotch Painters Tape is up for the challenge.

We are partnering with 3M due to their focus on the technology they incorporate into every aspect of the “Tape” experience. We have seen “Blue Tape” try to accomplish a low tack or less sticky tape to protect previously painted surfaces and because there are a lot “cheaper” blue tape types they DO NOT accomplish what the technology involved with 2080 series 3M brand (adhesive appropriate) tape.

That is just one! There are other reasons we use 3M exclusively and we will get to that soon!

Client Testimonials

“We had Mark and his crew from HiTech Painting do both the inside and the outside of our house. That was 7 years ago and the outside still looks like new!”

Joyce P.

“Great work! Very responsive and efficient with our proposals and the crew did excellent work priming and painting our medium voltage switches and transformers. I would definitely recommend them.”

George M.

“HiTech Painting Inc. recently power-washed, primed, and painted the fascia on my house. It was a professional and extremely well-done job! Thank you, Mark, Ray, and John!”
Gail A.

“I’ve been working with HTP since 2011. Always impressed. Understands and meets our expectations on the various paint, coating and repair jobs we assign throughout the school district. Quality service.”

Jonathan M.

“HiTech Painting Inc. Recently completed sandblasting and painting my rusty, electric iron gate. I was impressed with the owner’s detailed explanation of the many steps involved with this project. His crew was courteous, conscientious, and very professional. The gate is beautiful, and I’m so pleased with the outcome! I have texted pictures of it to all my friends and relatives. Thank you… Mark, John, and Mario!”

Gail A.

“I needed a condenser on a 4000 ton chiller to be cleaned and epoxied. They did an amazing job, stayed in constant contact with me and made sure that everything went smoothly.”

Mark B.

“We contracted HTP to repair, prep and paint some of our more difficult equipment located in a tough to get to area of our manufacturing plant. The crew was very professional, accommodating, thorough, and very easy to work with. They stayed on task over many days and did an excellent job on the equipment and clean up. I will reach out to you again in the future and will recommend to others. Thank you and your team for a job well done.”

Tony Garegnani

Electrical Maintenance Supervisor, Solar Turbines Inc.

“We are thrilled with the outcome of the work that was done by HiTech Painting! From start to finish we were well taken care of as clients. The owner Mark is courteous and professional and was on site throughout the project to make sure we were happy with the progress. The crew was awesome too! David was so kind, and had such a fun personality. They worked so hard to get this done in a decent amount of time while also taking time to make sure they did their absolute best work. We are so happy with how the exterior of our house looks and I am excited to see it every time I come home. You will be glad you selected HiTech for your paint project!”

Kelly and Kevin Barrett

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