Our ServicesSurface Preparation, Painting & Coatings


Everything is done to your specifications! Or we’ll help you create them!

House Painting

“Our work just lasts longer!”

With our specialized application process, the paint doesn’t just temporarily cover over cracks and blemishes for a few months, but the materials create a chemical and mechanical bond to marry together and becomes a part of the substrate.

Residential Painting Services

Application Process:

Full Coat, Two Coats of Primer, Two Coats of Finish

There’s a correct process for each material... We don’t just slap paint on!

To paint metal, we use a zinc-rich primer to correctly prime and etch the metal surface to be able to accept the top coastings of finishing paint.

We don’t just paint a surface, we repair the surface as we go to make sure the job is done right...and lasts! That’s the difference.

We properly clean and/or repair your home BEFORE we even start painting!

In our initial estimate, we will go over all the steps we recommend to properly take care of your needs.


Cabinet Finishing and Restoration

We’ve done it all! From 10-coat processes to inlaid rope designs! We can finish brand new cabinets, or strip and refinish old cabinets!


Stairway and Handrail Refinish

Belt-sanded smooth, use epoxy to penetrate the compromised wood fibers and prepare to hold top materials, primed and finished to your needs.


High-End Wood Finishing with Custom Wood Dyes

We can use wood dye to perfectly replicate your desired patterns (leaves, grapes, trees) in a way paint just can’t do.


Garage Floor Finishing

Grind, clean, wash and prep and then apply your choice of smooth, paint flake or metallic epoxy finish!


Community Mailbox Restoration / Refinishing

Rebuilt and restored wooden community mailbox.


Hot Water Power Wash Tile Roofing

Using steam, we can clean a tile roof or a cobblestone driveway.


Log Home Restoration and Refinish

To repair the deteriorated wood, we fill it in with wood epoxy and even carve in natural looking knot holes! We engrain different levels of stain to create natural wood textures.

Wood deterioration, window trim replacement, waterproof windows, power washing and sand-blasted log siding (now with VaporBlast!) to strip the paint and create a profile, ph-balanced log wash, lightly sanded and sealed, primers and topcoats to your specification!