Our ServicesSurface Preparation, Painting & Coatings


We care about your business! We work around your store front and customers!

We’ll plan our work around your business walkways and thoroughfares to make sure your business is affected as little as possible!

We’ll start extra early and then redirect traffic appropriately to keep you open and in business!

Everything is done to your specifications! Or we’ll help you create them!

Our commercial clients include:

  • Shopping Centers
  • Strip Malls
  • Schools
  • Churches
  • Amusement Parks
  • Water Parks


Recent Project

Fountain / Water Feature Rejuvenation



Commercial Painting

“Our work just lasts longer!”

With our specialized application process, the paint doesn’t just temporarily cover over cracks and blemishes for a few months, but the materials create a chemical and mechanical bond to marry together and becomes a part of the substrate.

We properly clean and/or repair your property BEFORE we even start painting!

Power wash, primed and finished!


Counter or Floor Epoxy Finishing

Grind, clean, wash and prep and then apply your choice of smooth, paint flake or metallic epoxy finish!


Tenant Improvement

Paint ceilings, paint walls, finish floors with epoxies or metallic finishes.


Graffiti Removal


Commercial Walkway Cleaning

We use a biodegradable degreaser and a hot water power wash to properly clean and treat high traffic walkways in your mall or shopping center!


Wood and Concrete Restoration

Replicate moss, rocks and more with concrete!